Dental CE Course Categories

DCEdental has thousands of Dental CE courses presented by hundreds of providers. Click on any category to see courses in your field of interest or click the SEARCH tab on the left to search for specific keywords.

Course Categories

  • Anesthesia (56)
  • CAD/CAM (36)
  • Conventions & Conferences (129)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (160)
  • Dental Hygiene (60)
  • Dental Implants (307)
  • Dental Laboratory (27)
  • Dental Sleep Medicine (17)
  • Dental Vacations & Cruises (46)
  • Endodontics (83)
  • Featured Dental Courses (54)
  • General (780)
  • Homestudy (324)
  • Laser Dentistry (18)
  • Occlusion (53)
  • Online (837)
  • Oral Surgery (65)
  • Orthodontics (163)
  • Pedodontics (42)
  • Periodontics (108)
  • Practice Management (183)
  • Prosthodontics (65)
  • Sedation (44)

Category Descriptions

  • Anesthesia
    56 courses
    The latest Continued Education Dental Anesthesia courses listed with peer reviews to allow you to find the best course for your needs.
    36 courses
    Check the continuing dental education courses below for detailed listings on CEREC and other computerized dental services training.
  • Conventions & Conferences
    129 courses
    The latest dental conventions and dental conferences for various continued education courses.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    160 courses
    See the lastest cosmetic dentistry continuing education course listings for you.
  • Dental Hygiene
    60 courses
    Find the best dental hygiene courses for you, the dental hygienist. Here you'll find the best dental hygiene continued education for your needs.
  • Dental Implants
    307 courses
    The latest dental implants continued education courses listed with peer reviews to allow you to find the best implant dentistry course for you.
  • Dental Laboratory
    27 courses
    The best dental laboratory courses listed with reviews to allow you to find the dental lab continued training for your needs.
  • Dental Sleep Medicine
    17 courses
  • Dental Vacations & Cruises
    46 courses
    Check out the finest dental vacations and cruises to get some continued education credits while enjoying relaxing time in exotic locations throughout the world.
  • Endodontics
    83 courses
    See the lastest endodontics continuing education courses listed.
  • Featured Dental Courses
    54 courses
  • General
    780 courses
    DCEdental has the largest list of dental continuing education courses for general dentistry.
  • Homestudy
    324 courses
    Find the best Homestudy courses for you to do at your own convenience. Here you'll find the best Home Study continued education courses on the web.
  • Laser Dentistry
    18 courses
    The latest laser dentistry courses listed with peer reviews to allow you to find the best laser dentistry continuing education for your needs.
  • Occlusion
    53 courses
    The cutting edge occlusion continued education courses with peer reviews to allow you to find the best occlusion continuing education for your needs.
  • Online
    837 courses
    See the latest online continued education courses to be done at your convenience.
  • Oral Surgery
    65 courses
    Find the finest oral surgery courses listed for continued education credits, taught from the best providers around.
  • Orthodontics
    163 courses
    The best continued education orthodontics courses listed. Earn CE credits for orthodontics.
  • Pedodontics
    42 courses
    Here are the Continued Education courses for pedodontics, listed with peer reviews to allow you to find the best pedodontics continuing education for your needs.
  • Periodontics
    108 courses
    DCEdental provides the latest periodontics continuing education courses.
  • Practice Management
    183 courses
    Find the dental practice management courses to help you improve your practice while earning CE credits.
  • Prosthodontics
    65 courses
    Check out the most popular prosthodontics courses listed to help you in your continued education efforts.
  • Sedation
    44 courses
    The most comprehensive dental sedation courses listed with peer reviews to allow you to find the best sedation dentistry continuing education for your needs.
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Featured Courses

Vascular Inflammation: Oral/Systemic Connection

This unique course will elucidate the science that binds the oral/systemic connection. As a participant, you will receive necessary tools to build bridges in your communities that bind medicine and d

2-Day Comprehensive Endo - Multiple Cities/dates

Search "Pathways" in our calendar for all Locations/Dates! For Video overview,

Hands On Live Surgery With Patients

Mongalo Dental Institute will be introducing a four days/session, two month long program. This covers implants and surgeries.

No More "Hygiene"

This 2 day program lays out a new paradigm for clinical treatment of periodontal disease and how to apply it to your practice.

Oral Sedation Training - Team Member

Oral Sedation Training - Team Member

How to add 50 implants a month to your practice

Mini-Residency/Bootcamp on how to add 50 implants a month to what you are already doing, and do it in an efficient manner.

Oral Sedation Training - Doctor

Education - Training - Safety

Dr. Farran's One Day Dental MBA

Practice Management Lecture, great for the entire staff! Contact Lecture directly for more information on cost, registration and CE hours. THANK YOU!

Osteogenics 2012 Symposium

The symposium is unique for it's focus on dental bone grafting and treatment planning. The symposium will feature 90-minute main podium lectures, question and answer sessions, and interactive treatmen

GHSU/AAID Maxi-Course

Learn dental implant from the ground up with over 300+ hours of CE including lecture, hands-on, surgical demonstrations and assignments.

PerioPassion! Dental Seminar

This two-day course is the world's most comprehensive, non-surgical periodontal course for the general dentist and periodontist. You and your team will become trained in DNA testing for periodon

Madow Powerhouse

Your Virtual Dental Study Club and Mastermind Group