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Sealants & Tooth Cutting Techniques

Some third-party payment companies have criticized sealants. Do not believe them. The question is, when to place a sealant or when to cut the tooth? When used in correct situations, sealants are excel

Prosthodontics for Implants Simplified

This video demonstrates the easiest fastest and best concepts for single implant restoration, multiple implant restoration with remaining natural teeth, dealing with implants and teeth in the same pro

DiagnoDent - Scientific Diagnosis

Every restorative dentist has been frustrated with inadequacy of dental radiographs. using laser technology, the DiagnoDent provides diagnosis of carious lesions that are undectable clinally or radiog

Diagnostic Data Collection by Auxiliaries

VHS or DVD All diagnostic data can be collected by staff and the treatment planned by the dentist druing one appointment. This one hour diagnostic appointment consists of 75% auxiliary and 25% dentis

Pulp Tester Use by Auxiliaries

VHS Educate staff fast and thoroughly on this imporant task. Covers step by steo techniques and the rationale for pulp testing.

Simple, Fast, High Quality Dental

VHS Help educate your staff about types and szes of film, patient and clinican protection, film holders, and exposure times. Provides a live demonstration and schematic representation of bisecting an

Simplifying Complex Treatment Plans

VHS/DVD This presentation will help you organize you complex diagnosis and treatment planning appointments into concise, effective and comple sessions. Using a logical sequentially ordered checklist

Effective Pulp Capping

VHS This course discusses some of the methods to pulp capp, including: capping with liquid bonding agents, resin modified glass ionomers, 4-META, and the "old faithful" calcium hydroxide.

Endodontics and the Law

CD-ROM This program will make you feel much more comfortable treating endodontic patients, and the useful information can be used in all areas of dentistry. 3D clinical images and patient dentist sim

One-Visit Endodontic Treatment

CD-ROM Contains how to information about the newest treatment modalitites and instruments for endodontic therapy. This CD-ROM demonstrates the efficiency of single visit endodontics, and leas the use

Esthetic Periodontal Coverage of

VHS Learn how to move periodontal tissues to cover unesthetic crown margins where gingiva has receded. Reviewing both the Tarnow and Harvey techniques, these relatively simple periodontal procedures

Removal of Superficial Tooth Stains

VHS/DVD Fluoride and other agents present during tooh development often cause unsightly superficial white, brown or gray spots on teeth. An inexpensive slurry made of pumice and muriatic acid removes

The New Generation of Tooth-Colored

VHS/DVD This presenation contains the latest information on new and exciting developments in ceramic and polymer indirect restorations, the best bonding agents and logical use of resin cements. Most

The Ultimate Tooth Whitening Video

VHS/DVD This discuesses newest concpets for at home and inoffice bleaching, answers to the most frequently asked questions, shows the best way to treat common post-bleaching tooth sensitivity, compar

Veneers - The Most Beautiful of

VHS/DVD This videa is a cnadid critical appraisal of the trends in indirect tooth veneering; a comparison of the no-prep concept; the deeply cut, near crown veneer concept; and the intermediatedepth,

Veneers for Lower Anterior Teeth

VHS/DVD Shows every step for thie exceptional areas of practice growth, starting with the indications and additional consisderations associated with lower veneers, followed by tooth preparation, temp

Implant Replacement for Single

VHS/DVD Watch Gordon place a "BASIC" implant. At last, a simple, easily understood, general practice oreinted implant placement procedure that does not require making a typical flap operati

Implant Supported Removable Prostheses

VHS/DVD Learn how to satisfy partially and completely edentulous patients with removable prostheses supported totally or partially by implants. Gordon discusses patient selection; types of implants s

Making Decisions about Successful

VHS/DVD How much bone is needed in specific situations? When is a sinus life needed? How close can an implant be to the inferior alveolar canal? Which implants have better potential to serve in poor

The "Mini" Implant for

The "mini" implant is having phenomenal acceptance. Are you using them? Many potential implant patients do not have enough bone for standard 3-5 mm diameter implants. Often "mini"

Simplified Implant Surgery, 2nd

DVD/VHS In this video, watch simple implant surgery accomplished by Gondon, who, as a prosthodontist, has been through the same learning experience you may be avoiding. He pinpoints those areas of th

Infection Control Techniques -

VHS/DVD Included are demonstrations of the steps needed to make infection control fast and effective. The best products that simplify and increase effectiveness are also presented. Step by step, &quo

Occlusal Disease Therapy Simplified

VHS/DVD 80% of patients receiving this therapy reported reduction or elimination of symptoms. Gordon shows you how to implement this great aid into your practice.

Occlusal Splints - Predictable,

DVD/VHS Gordon discusses the key elements of occlusion related to splints, presents the advantages and disadvantages of various splints and the theories for each splints type. Also included is a step

Simple TMD Therapy for Your Practice

DVD/VHS Gordon shares his pragmatic treatment method, based on research, treatment of thousands of patients and simple logic. When should you treat, and when should you refer? How can you diagnose an

Uncomplicated Occlusal Equilibration

VHS/DVD What are the indications for occlusal equilibration? How can you integrate this important procedure into practice? What is a simple, logical, easy technique? Are there precautions? Gordon sho

Cast Gold Restorations

VHS This video includes diagnosis and treatment planning, tooth preparations, bases and liners, simple impressions and interocclusal records, provisional restorations, dies, selection of metals, cast

Cariostatic Proximal Slot Restorations

VHS Gordon shows tooth preparation concepts, cariostatic materials, compomers and resin-reinforced glass ionomers, proper clinical placement, and finishing and sealing procedures.

Conservative Restoration of Worn

VHS Resotration of the resultant "potholes"can be long lasting and simple if teeth: 1) are finished and smoothed well before making tooth preparations, 2) receive minimal restorative resin,

Fast, Efective, Long-Lasting Amalgam

VHS This presentation includes conservative tooth preparations; large preparations including pins and "pothole" retention; multiple restorations; staff involvement; bases and liners; select

Geristore - Biocompatible Restorative

VHS When tooth restoration is needed deeply subgingival on or near bone, biocompatibility of restorative materials is necessary. Geristore has a proven ability to serve with acceptable biocompatibili

Pediatric Class 2 Restorations

VHS Amalgam is dying as a pediatric posterior tooth restoration. Resin-reinforced glass ionomer and compomer are the dominant restorations. indications, contraindictations, and clinical techniques fo

Predictable Long-Lasting Class

VHS Gordon demonstrates current state of the art techniques that provide beautiful class 2 restorations using the most updated concepts, materials, and devices. Increase your speed and quality in pla

Sealansts and Tooth Cutting Techniques

VHS The question is, when to place a sealant or when to cut the tooth? When used in correct situations, sealants are excellent. There are several types, some that have advances in filler, ease of use

Preparing for Your Next Medical

Your team needs to be educated in medical emergencies that will occur. This video includes diagnosing and dealing with many potential emergency medical problems, including loss of consciousness, respi

Lifesaving Diagnosis of Soft Tissue

VHS This simple concept easily detects oral cancer on patietns. The OralCDx brush biopsy requires only a few minutes. Gordon will show you the most powerful and conservative tool we have seen to dete

Choosing the Right Local Anesthetic

VHS/DVD This video includes types and brands of local anesthetics, indicated uses for each, proper use of vasoconstrictors, maximum dosage for each, most frequent injections for specific areas of the

Easy Third Molar Extractions

VHS.DVD This program includes step by step diagnosis (indications, contraindications, and difficulty) and surgical technique for maxillary and mandibular impactions. It also reviews common complicati

Oral Surgery in General Practice

This video includes a prescribed and progressive approach to remove teeth - especially those that become more complicated than originally expected. Special techniques and instruments unknown to many g

"Lumineers" - Well Proven,

Teeth can be indirectly veneered with thick, conventional, or minimally invasive restorations. Which technique is best for specific situations? Minimally invasive veneering procedures can provide opti

IPS e.max - A Complete All-Ceramic

Zirconia-based restorations are replacing PFM and changing constantly! Update yourself in this important area. The all-ceramic indirect restorative revolution is providing both strength and esthetic e

Prosthodontics for Implants Simplified

Implant prosthodontics can be simple and predictable! Dr. Christensen demonstrates the easiest, fastest, and best concepts for single-implant restoration, multiple-implant restoration with remaining n

Successful Fixed and Removable

Implant prosthodontic therapy is maturing into a successful and predictable area of dentistry. Observe techniques for clinical situations ranging from single tooth replacements to full-arch fixed-deta
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